Beauty feeds the soul

At Konni Tanaka Design Group, our foremost goal is to create beautiful environments utterly tailored to and reflective of our clients. We believe each and every individual has a wholly unique aesthetic. The ideal home manifests your distinctiveness—rejuvenating and inspiring you intimately and personally.
Developing awareness of your own sense of beauty—and its singular expression in design—is the first step in creating your uniquely personal space. We understand that designing a satisfying interior is a journey of discovery—and we skillfully deliver you from vision to beautiful reality. Here’s how.


Before we ever discuss layout or choose colors, we dig deep in discovery. With keen listening skills and an array of questions, we explore spaces that have thrilled, touched, or inspired you. What resonates for you gives us insight into what environment would ultimately be wholly suited to you—and that would capture what makes you distinct. Layered with careful consideration of function and layout, along with an understanding of your aspirations, tastes, and lifestyle, these associations become the basis for our design concept. With this design concept in mind, we craft an environment exclusively tailored to—and for—you.


Every design needs excellent space planning and just the perfect interior detailing. Some projects require moving walls, adding rooms, opening a door or window, reconfiguring openings, or reshaping fireplaces. We are experienced in interior architecture and will provide construction drawings.


Custom-designed pieces make a space truly unique. We design cabinetry and furniture and have established relationships with many workrooms to provide our clients with custom pieces in various materials and price points. We also collaborate with artists and graphic designers to create custom artwork and one-of-a-kind installations.


There’s creative magic in our work, but there’s also a disciplined process, including managing a product budget and a timeline, purchasing materials, and providing construction drawings for the build phase. With a background in architectural design, we make excellent partners with architects and contractors.


My two fascinations have always been beauty and people. As a little girl, I was happiest drawing or curled up with a novel, engrossed in the characters living between the pages. Visiting art museums was a great joy —I would sometimes stand transfixed before a single painting while my parents explored an entire wing.

This passion drew me to formal training at the University of Chicago and a degree in fine arts. An opportunity to study Japanese aesthetic history took me to Rikkyo University in Tokyo. There, I exhibited some of my work—the honor included acceptance to the Modern Art Association show at the Tokyo Municipal Museum. My experience as an artist imbues my work with a high level of design discipline and developed in me a keen eye for form, color, and composition.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, I earned a degree in interior design.

I treat each environment as a cohesive work of art. My fascination with people fuels my curiosity about what makes each client distinctive, and I’m relentlessly committed to creating environments that utterly serve them. By combining my inquisitiveness and design capabilities, I’m able to deliver environments of great aesthetic sophistication and functional satisfaction. For interested clients, Feng Shui can be applied to balance the energies in spaces to enhance opportunities, relationships, and health.

I continually feed the creative wellspring, expanding my knowledge of materials, exploring the development of visual arts around the world, and growing my network of artists and artisans.