Giving Back

We are blessed with wonderful clients and countless industry partners—and to express our gratitude, we seek to make a difference in both our local community and in the broader world using our design expertise.

Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital in Cambodia

Genocide during the Khmer Rouge regime left Cambodia with almost no medical infrastructure. HOPE Worldwide, which established the Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope in Phnom Penh in 1996, provides administration for the Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital in Kampot, Cambodia. This latter project caught Konni’s attention—she has supported the hospital in Phnom Penh from its inception as a clinic, watched it become the leading medical service and teaching center for the country and is now excited about the establishment of a similar medical facility in the southern part of Cambodia. We invite you to join us in supporting the Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital and in furthering its mission to provide medical care based upon the patient’s ability to pay, and to train Cambodian medical professionals with assistance from expatriate specialists.

Del Aire Visitation Center

Located in Hawthorne, CA, this monitored visitation center is a collaboration between the South Bay community and the LA County Department of Children and Family Services and expands the region’s visitation capacity. The center, which opened in April 2014, facilitates visits between children and families as they work toward reunification. Working in collaboration with the South Bay congregation of the Los Angeles Church of Christ, we worked to design and construct the space. It’s our hope that this warm and relaxed environment encourages parents to play and reconnect with their children.
Business Partners & Donors:
  • American/California Financial Services
  • DC Paints
  • Done Right Flooring
  • Dream Home Construction
  • Lighting Zone
  • M&M Flooring
  • Madelena Talent
  • Maison Stone
  • Property Professor
  • Rock n’ Brew, El Segundo