Nothing delights us more than guiding our clients from discovery to breathtakingly beautiful results. Read on for words from our clients. Then, talk to us about how we can create a space that inspires and uplifts you, too.

What our clients say

“Konni is, in our opinion, the best interior designer in The South Bay, and the easiest to work with.
We purchased a new home under construction In Palos Verdes Estates with magnificent views. We like modern décor but PVE required our exterior to have a Mediterranean design. So Konni had the challenge of providing a smooth transition from the outside of the house to a contemporary interior. Konni did a magnificent job decorating 5 bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, large kitchen and 5 bathrooms. Before starting, she presented us with a very professional and detailed room-by-room budget. She has both an architectural education and art education so she was able to work with the contractor to optimize the layout. She also customized a lot of our furnishings and built-ins (which she personally designed), thereby saving us a lot of money. Her work turned out beyond our expectations. ”
–Burt and Jane Walker, Palos Verdes Estates, CA

More testimonials

We began working with Konni in June with the initial design concept then finalized in July. We completed the remodel in November. From the beginning we had very tight time lines for the design, demolition, to completion. From the start, Konni’s knowledge for what was needed, and her ability to meet all facets of the entire remodel from design to completion was nothing short of perfect. We cannot say enough about how she stayed within the budgets set from the start. She is one of the best designers in the entire West Coast, bar none! You will not go wrong in hiring her for your design, initial building or complex remodeling needs. We highly recommend her!”
Sol Culbertson, Palos Verdes Estates, CA

“Konni’s attention to detail and her artistic talents made for a very successful redesign—and beautiful result. We were extremely happy with Konni’s custom design suggestions and excellent project management. We finally have our ‘dream kitchen!’“
Lisa Power & Mike Benson, Manhattan Beach, CA

“Konni had the unique ability to see the potential for our office while respecting its history. Her attention to detailsensitivity to the unique requirements of this job, and excellent communication throughout the process made her a great business partner for our office remodel.” 
–Linda Duttenhaver, Hollywood, CA

“Konni listens to her clients, has gorgeous taste, beautiful aesthetics, considers your budget, AND is a delight to work with. Three years ago, I stepped into a friend’s newly designed house and I appreciated the beautiful design as well as the seamless integration of my friend’s furniture and art work from her former house into the newly designed home that Konni helped her to achieve. My husband and I had designed and built our house in 1998, and he wanted to update our family room entertainment center. I took his request as a cue to update the entire room. We met with Konni and I was immediately impressed that she listened to us. I have worked with a number of designers in the past and found that many like to impose their perspectives, sometimes with little regard to the client’s likes….or budget! In redoing the cabinetry, lighting, and furnishings, we faced a number of interesting challenges. For example, the entertainment center my husband wanted had to be built in cabinetry that had a different footprint from the original cabinetry. We had no additional travertine tiles to fill the gaps. My experience with designers is that many would have suggested replacing the entire floor. Konni, however, loved the travertine and filled the floor spaces with the same metal used for our new fireplace finish, creating an elegant solution to the problem. Maintaining the same design spirit of throughout the house was a major concern. Once again, Konni did a superb job. The design of our new living area coordinated seamlessly with the adjoining kitchen and dining area. Budgets: In dealing with previous designers, my husband had joked that “our budget was no obstacle” to them. Konni was different. She was conscious about our budget and always showed us various options. I have since referred Konni to several of my friends. One friend recently finished designing, building and furnishing her new house and used Konni’s services in the process. Bottom line: My friend’s house won a regional design award. I believe that no matter your budget or your style, Konni will be an excellent designer to work with.”
-Leslie Marell, Hermosa Beach, CA

“Konni did an amazing job collaborating with our architect, contractor, and craftsmen. She seemed to intuitively know what we wanted and her designs were always right on.” 
–Laura Geisel, Hermosa Beach

“Our investment group collaborated with Konni on a total residential remodel. We took the house down to studs. Konni did a wonderful job, from creating the architectural drawings to accompanying us to the building permit office to ensure a smooth process. We were very pleased with her reconfiguration of the spaces as well as the design and finishes. She brought a great deal of expertise in space planning that complemented a sharp eye for design and detail.”
Robert Tomiye, Los Angeles, CA