Touch of Japan

The owners aspired to an upscale, warm American-style décor that would also showcase their collection of Japanese artwork and antiques. Together we created a unique and welcoming home infused with Japanese tradition to reflect their multicultural heritage.

Contemporary Japanese

These spaces mix clean, simple lines with rich textiles and textures, fusing traditional Japanese aesthetics with a modern sensibility. The resulting rooms, bountiful with light and texture, occupy a space between Japanese understatement and contemporary vibrancy.

Japanese Hospitality

The owners of this Palos Verdes home wanted a traditional Japanese guest suite. The suite serves as a place to relax and reflect, and as a haven for houseguests to experience Japanese-style hospitality. The table accommodates a group dinner, and traditional bedding is stored in the oshiire behind the sliding fusuma doors. A garden and pool beyond the shoji doors completes the experience.