Sleek Tuscan

These New York urbanites, enamored with the relaxed California spirit, wanted to create a sophisticated haven to match their dream home’s Tuscan architecture. Together, we struck a note of contemporary, elegant luxury for an inviting and understated space. Splendid bisque limestone floors complement the nuanced colors of the living room furniture; dynamic custom chandeliers contrast with sleek, minimal fireplaces; and a custom avant-garde wood, metal, and acrylic cabinet houses sculptures and a historically significant Chagall.

Urban Oasis

For these avid hockey and basketball fans, their suite in the Los Angeles Ritz Carlton Residences is the perfect second home. Located next to the Staples Center, it gives them easy access to Kings and Lakers games. They sought a home that mixed glamour with an industrial vibe. To make their vision reality, we faced the bar using metal with gray patina, created custom wallpaper depicting hockey players and the LA skyline, and added crystal pendants and sparkling light fixtures.

Contemporary Craftsman

This major remodel and addition was initially inspired by furniture—pieces the owner handcrafted himself. And, while its occupants wanted to pay homage to Craftsman traditions, they also sought modern lines, contemporary touches, and brighter colors. Natural cherry cabinets throughout the house and a modern fireplace invoke the Craftsman spirit.

Home with a View

With a vibrant social life, the owners of this beautiful home overlooking the Angeles Mountains wanted a fun home for easy entertaining. To create a more functional and comfortable layout, we opened up the kitchen and moved the dining table out—resulting in comfortable seating for casual gatherings and spontaneous meals with extended family. We also created a large indoor fountain to bring the splashing sound of water—and a touch of the owner’s native Bahamas—into the home.

Touch of Japan

The owners aspired to an upscale, warm American-style décor that would also showcase their collection of Japanese artwork and antiques. Together we created a unique and welcoming home infused with Japanese tradition to reflect their multicultural heritage.

Beach Simplicity

Nothing thrills this California native like nature’s wonders. To reflect her garden and the ocean just down the street, we created a home with an essence of natural beauty. In the bathroom, chunky glass tile in murky blues and greens evokes the feel of the waves. Set on sandy-colored bamboo flooring, blue- and green-toned seating with blue and green tones and a large fireplace framed in muted green glass conjure the ocean. To echo the garden indoors, we used sandy travertine floors for the front room.

Contemporary Japanese

These spaces mix clean, simple lines with rich textiles and textures, fusing traditional Japanese aesthetics with a modern sensibility. The resulting rooms, bountiful with light and texture, occupy a space between Japanese understatement and contemporary vibrancy.

Welcoming Contemporary

These owners sought refreshing change in their new home. Their desire for sleek, contemporary interiors melded with their wish to incorporate their Japanese connection in the home’s formal rooms. Inspired in her new surroundings, the owner created several Japanese art pieces for display. Together, our collaboration resulted in a sharp, welcoming home, fit for both formal and casual entertaining—a space as distinctive as its occupants.